Cars with big cylinder capacity (more than 2.000cc) were always "forbitten cars" for Greece.

The Greeks Goverments, from early 80s , up until now, have found an attractive way to collect more taxes ,through the

overtaxation in new and used cars which were ,and are imported to Greece. (especially those with more than 2.000 cc engines)

This overtaxation had also affected thw Porsche 911 sales in Greece.

From 1973 until the late 70s, were sold around 200 911s .

At the early 80s , when the Goverment found the way to increase the amounts wich came into the State Fund through overtaxation

in cars imports, a Porsche 911 almost cost three times more than in cost in Germany.

The sales fell vertically.

But the Greek ingenious discovered a new way to continue the sales of the legendary 911.

Everyone who wanted a Porsche 911, could buy a used 912 from Germany (at the early and mid 80s didn't cost a fortune to buy) ,

and with almost zero import taxes (because it has the 1.6 litre engine) could bring it in Greece.

Than a used 2.7 litre , or a 3.0 litre, or a 3.2 litre engine was placed, with all the suspension, brakes, interiors etc, and a new

Porsche 3.2 Carrera was born!!

The most of them were stated with the 1.6 litre engine ,as a Porsche 912, although under the hood was flat six engine!

The were only a few workshops , who could procced to these 912 Projects.

It is estimated that almost 250 912 were "reborn" into 3.2 Carreras, 964s, or even 993s in coupes,targas and cabrios.

The 912 project industry, started to decay at 1996-1997 ,when the allnew watercooled 911 was presented.

Here are some examples of the work that have been done..











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