" The Carrera 996 was the first Porsche coupe in the 911 tradition, completely new in terms of its mechanics, chasis, and body,not a trace remained,except for those aesthetic, of the components that until then had been used to make the 911s (up to the 993). Everything about the 996 had been reworked and rebuilt from scratch.To the great comfort of Porsche enthusiasts, however, the soul of the 911 was still very much present.

The carrera 996 was larger, roomier , and thus more comfortable than the last 993 " 






" The 996 had already caused waves in the 911 world thanks to its water-cooled engine, but was the Turbo the car to mollify the detractors? "

" Just five re cent of the power was sent to the front axle in normal running, although the electronics could increase that to up to 40 per cent at maximum attack. "





"The 3.6-litre motor was lifted from the 996 Turbo-itselfno slouch- but with some key changes, chief among them larger turbochargers, with the KKK17 items swapped for bigger KKK24 blowers and boost pressure increased to 13.5psi.On a 9.4:1 compression, that meant a power output of 462bhp and a top speed close to 200mph."






13. 911 and Porsche World - December 2014 - Return of the 996

" Porsche's revolutionary 996 is now the first rung on the 911 ownership ladder.This is a very good thing and here's why as we celebrate the 996."

" At the road is where it's at.Great visibility and wiedly dimensions make a 996 a formidable cross-country weapon.Back in the day, only a Subaru Impreza or similar could rival it for Broad pace."

" Reinventing,reengineering and reimagining the 911 for the modern world, was a big ask for Porsche in the 90's.They carried it off with aplomb,creating a car that was still a 911 in every aspect."

12. Total 911 - 911 Buyers Guide

" The Gen2 model arrived in 2001, with the biggest difference being the adoption of a 3.6-litre motor boasting more power and torque, as well as Variocam Plus that operated on both inlet and exhaust camshafts. Considered less prone to failure than the earlier 3.4."

" The heating and ventilation system itself was much improved, and buyers could choose from a wide range of entertainment options featuring additional speakers and amplifiers and a six-disc CD changer mounted in the front compartment."


11.Total 911 - issue 142 - The Ultimate Guide - 996.2 GT3


 " An interesting change for the Gen2 996 GT3 was the adoption of a dual-mass flywheel for both Comfort and Clubsport models."

" The Gen2 996 GT3 received re-profiled bumpers and side skirts and and a new fixed rear wing over the first-generation GT3.Brakes were also improved, and buyers could opt for PCCB carbon ceramic discs."


10. Total 911-issue 95- Should I buy a manual 996 Turbo?

" The most striking aspect of the water - cooled Porsches is how easy they are to drive.Control weights are just right, and it proves impressively docile.Up to 3.000 rpm, torque is adequate, and within seconds you have forgotten that you are at the wheel of what is effectively a 190mph-guided missile."


9 Total 911 Collection - 996 C4S- THE PERFORMANCE UNDERDOG


" Built between 2001 and 2005 as a Gen2-only model, the 996 C4S follows on from the rich heritage of the C4S, and such boasts a Turbo look and a healthy array of options as standard equipment.Not suprisingly, the 996 C4s was a salesroom success over 23.000 of these were sold worldwide in either Coupe or Cabriolet form, with manual or Tiptronic transmission."


8. Drive - Νοέμβριος 2016 - Porsche 996

" H Porsche 996 ήταν ένα πραγματικά καλό αυτοκίνητο, με ξεάθαρα GT χαρακτήρα στις εκδόσεις Carrera.Τόσο πολιτισμένο , που από κάποιους σκληροπυρηνικούς χαρακτηρίστηκε αδιάφορο. Ειδικά μετά την brutal...993."

" H 996 ήταν η πρώτη Porsche 911 για την οποία είχε γραφτεί τότε ότι έχει σχεδόν εξαληφθεί κάθε παρενέργεια της ανορθόδοξης τοποθέτησης του κινητήρα πίσω από τους τροχούς."



7.Auto Motor und Sport - 31.Oktober 1997 - Porsche 996

" Die Elastizitaet des 3,4-Liter aggregats ist beachtlich.Schon bei 2700/min liegt ein Drehmoment von 300 Nm an, das anschliessend bei 4600/min und 350 Nm gipfelt.Auch in diesem Punkt stellt der neue 911 seinen Vorgeanger in den Schatten: 300 Nm bei 5000/min. "



6. Auto Motor und Sport - 20/9/1996 Heft 20- Porsche 996

"Das Design des 911 erfuhr in drei Jahrzehnten eine behutsame Evolution, nie eine grunlegende Veranderung."

" Revolutionar erscheint der Abschied von der Luftkuhlung.Der neue sechs-zylinder-Boxer des 996 ist wassergekuhlt. "


5. 911 and Porsche World-January 2014



4. Total 911 - July 2006

"First , it's important to point out that it is the early 3.4-litre engines,made from 1998 to 2000, that are most susceptible to major failure.The later 3.6-litre engine is pretty much problem free.Also, Porsche made many changes to the 3.4-litre unit over its production life, so the last of these smaller-capacity engines-made in 2001-tend to be more reliable."



3. 911 and Porsche world - august 2013

" The story starts with the 996 turbo though, and its majestic twin turbo iteration of the Mezger race car engine.That was some car when it was launched.Indeed it's still some car now, the everyday, all wheather supercar personified.The 997 Turbo as launched in 2006 retained the Mezger engine but gained more power at 472bhp."


2. 911 and Porsche world -August 2013

" The most potent package in the 911 model line was the 996 GT2,introduced in 2001.Influenced by the 911 GT1 and GT3 cars, it was a Weissach competitions department special developed in the wind tunnel to obtain a lower 0.34 drag coefficient.This meant that it differed visually from the GT3 and Turbo variants in having a specially designed nose, with deeper spoiler and separate air vents to cool the ceramic brakes and a strip serving the exhaust ahead of the front lid."




 1.911 & porsche world- May 2016

" You'll also need to confront an ugly truth: whatever 911 you buy for this sort of money, you're taking a gamble.High quality cars are what have driven the 996 market upwards on the tail of the air-cooled rocket, leaving examples with a less robust provenance to populate the more affordable arena.That's no to condemn every 10k car,merely friendly advice that you should take great car when buying one."


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